Friday, 12 October 2012

The purposes of Magazines

The Past few weeks I've been completing a preliminary task; A magazine front cover featuring a photograph of a student in a medium close-up some text and a masthead. Additionally candidates must produce a contents page.

What I have Learnt:
I have learnt a lot about magazine in general. How they were originally catalogues and have been modified to magazines; the audience believe that they are purchasing gossip and news for reading and entertainment, when really it is still a catalogue trying to lure the audience in to purchase the products.

The task has opened my eyes up to media world and the real purposes for magazine and this has really help my understanding when I was creating a cover. I had to keep in mind that were advertising products and this is its main purpose, Everything else is just trying to catch to sell the magazine so then they look at the products advertised.

I created my Front cover on Photoshop. I wasn't very familiar with this software so anything I was doing was  something new. I learnt how to airbrush, add pictures,text, boarders,changing the exposure, contrast and many more techniques.

My contents page was created on In Design which again was new software.I learnt how to added pictures, text, crop and resize. Over all I now know how to create a simple layout for a contents page.
However I have to remember to make sure everything has its own box; I am designing and arranging not writing in a text box and placing it somewhere.

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