Thursday, 25 October 2012

Music Magazine Audience Profile

The type of person the magazine would be aimed at is someone who falls into the C's on the Jincars scale. The would have the social values of 'to play, or enjoy life now' and there fore a Hedonists. They would be 16-19 and be would an achiever; someone who has goals,wants to achieve 'goal driven'

The person would have the impression of 'following the crowd' and very mainstream, however they would be very confident, strong personality and their own twist on their fashion sense.  They will have strong dreams I live but aren't sure whether they can achieved it due to other things, such as friends and family as their loyalty  lies with them. The person would enjoy socialising, shopping, beauty, parties and new experiences. Their family and friends means the world to them and they would do anything for them even if it was getting in the way of their own personal achievements, dreams and issues; they would always come first.
They would listen to the typical mainstream music such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, The Wanted and Nicki  Minaj, But has their own style and listens to Paloma Faith and Pink who add their own twists to pop music. They typically enjoy 'Feel good music' but also have the odd song which they here and love, such as Save a life, Hey soul Sister, Mr Bright side, Brick by boring brick and Kill the Director. 

They love make-up and beauty and have a strong 'passion for fashion'. You would find them in shops such as River Island, Top shop, New look and is a big fan of  on-line shops such as or They are inspired by fashion icons such as Cheryl Cole, Ashley Olsen and  Fearne Cotton. They mainly make an effort by now and again slouches around in a big jumper/ Boyfriend Shirt with jeans or leggings. You feel accessories  and shoes complete and outfit. Your make-up is simple and complementing but you do like going for the 'Wow' look on a night out. 

They follow many programmes such as the typical mainstream ones like 'X Factor', 'I'm a Celebrity', 'Merlin', Take me out  and 'Celebrity Juice'. But many of the teenage dramas that they follow are online such as 'The Vampire Diaries', 'Teen Wolf', 'Pretty Little Liars'. They also enjoy the odd 'watching TV with mum or Nanny' Like a programme such as 'The Paradise'.

They are very artistic and creative enjoying photography, art and  applying Fashion to this. They like to around friends and family and love the Christmas and holiday atmosphere.  Parties and a girls night in is one of their must; eating chocolate and junk food and watching films such as  ' Friends with Benefits' , 'No strings Attached','13 going on 30',   'The ugly truth' . But they also enjoy the  childhood classics like Shrek,'Toy Story' and  Horrors like 'Dead silence', 'Nightmare on Elm street', 'Hows at the end of the Street' .

Relationships, romance, family and friends are very important to you. They care about how you look and keeping your body in shape but you love the odd Mc Donald's and Galaxy bar. They enjoy fitness up not a sport craze. You like to visit the big cities like New York Paris and London.  They love the festival atmosphere and attend the 'V' and 'Glastonbury' festivals. They go see their favourite music artists in concert and have most of there storage on the laptop taken up by music downloads and films.


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