Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Double Page Spread Planning

Idea 1 : With the first sketch I went with the simple and sophisticated look; having the page consists of a small amount of text and the image dominating, which I researched in the contents page and Florence double page spread which I analyzed. However doesn’t really have the loud Pop music feel or portray the contrast with the indie and pop ; it's not bubbly and fun with that edgy twist of indie so then the target audience can relate. This sophisticated look appeals to an older audience therefore wasn't right.
Idea 2 : I experimented more with the idea of double page and trying to use the space and create a bubbly and fun feel so then the target audience can relate. But I think I when a bit too crazy and its very jumbled and on top of each other which makes it hard to understand and read; a bit in your face and overwhelming. This I feel was more of a child’s magazine with everything jumping out trying to captivate and keep their attention as children tend to have a short attention span.
Final Idea : I wanted to have a balance between of the two as the target audience like to feel their mature but really deep down they are a bit of a big kid. I followed elements of ' The teenagers' double page spread from the research as I felt it would be more successful and appealing to the audience. The image was put on the left side as you read from left to right which exaggerates the 'image' is the main feature and then the text on the other page. Compare to 'The Teenagers from my research I intend to add pictures in the middle of my text to portrays the Pop, teens, fun and bubbly theme.

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