Monday, 1 October 2012

Analysing and Developing Front Cover Ideas


This was my first ideas for the cover. What I like about this is the layout as it has the typical convention of a magazine; the mast line, cover lines and the icon of somebody centered on the page.
However I don’t feel it represents a college magazine and gives no indication to the audience is college related; it portrays more of a typical fashion magazine cover.
I took the idea typical apple and teacher idea and experimented with it; I really like the second idea and I feel it is very captivating however I don’t think it's appropriate for a college magazine as again is very fashion like and seductive and I feel that this is inappropriate for this genre of magazine. So with the third idea I tried more friendly and fresh however I didn't feel it represents all my connotations I wanted the reader to comprehend.

With my final idea I took into consideration of the previous arising problems and kept the theme of the teachers apple, paperclip and glasses to give the audience connotations of studios, smart and generally conveys the whole college idea. But I like the contrast of rebellious and menacing connotations which is portrayed due to the icon of the girl biting into the 'teacher apple' .

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