Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Analysing Contents Page

The icon of Katy Perry balancing an large inflatable mushroom dominates the contents page as the layout only contains one column of text and a quotation in the bottom left hand side which is unusual compared to the typical contents page.

Looking at the text, the font chosen throughout this contents page is sans serif which gives the impression of a modern, sophisticated appearance. The contents page includes Fairley small font which again is very unusual from the traditional gossip magazine; the text is extremely colourful, blunt and over the top. In contrast with this contents page it has taken more simple and pretty approach yet both conclude reaching the same purpose, getting straight to the point. Looking at the title ‘contents’ and the font used conveys a fun, lively and bubbly feel one which will draw in younger readers.

The icon Katy Perry is the main feature in this magazine as she is position in center of the page. The shot is very creative with her balancing a oversized toad stool making her look smaller and more pixie like and magical which ties in with a fairytale story linking with the target audience. The mystical atmosphere gives a sense that the magazine will contain very artistic, imaginative and creative with their photography, imagery and design.

The contents page had followed the guidelines of traditional media industry colour scheme red, black and white, however this contents page has added its own twist with a splash of blue and hot pink. The plain white background portrays the innocence and simplicity of featured icon and of the target audience, but in contrast Katy Perry is modeling a partial red dress which expresses the different elements of her personality; daring, bold, fun and passionate.

The Colour Connotations:

Red: love, passion, heat, joy, power

Blue: strong, calm, important, peaceful, intelligent

Black: conservative, mysterious, sophisticated

White: purity, innocence, softness

Again the icon of the girl dominates the contents page. The attention of the audience is first drawn to image of the female model due the size and the uniqueness of the pose. The pose of the model is very creative and unusual giving a modern, classy and seductive feel.
The text on the page are divided into two different headings“Features” and “Fashion”, keeping it clean and simple making it easier to read, clear and straightforward to find what you’re looking for.
The title 'Contents' is position at the top right corner of the page and the breakup of the word in which the layout is very unique and a signature look, will instantly attract the audience eye to it. The font is bold and in capital letters showing the power and a bold statement which it portrays, also the contrast in text colourwhite and black background expresses the dark and light (good and evil) which links with the colour theme: grey, black, white and nude.
The font of the sub text is very moderate, definite yet still relaxed, in contrast the heading the font has an elegant flow and gracefulness which catches the eye of the audience leading them to read to informative text underneath the heading.
The background is fading light creating a cloudy, dusk, gloomy and seductive atmosphere which captivates the audience to create thought provoking observation.
The ColourConnotations :
Black - conservative, mysterious, sophisticated
Gray - formal, classy, sophisticated
Silver - sleek, glamorous, rich
White - purity, innocence, softness
Ivory - quiet, pleasant, understated elegance
Brown - earthiness, wholesomeness, simplicity, friendliness

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