Monday, 5 November 2012

Double Page Spread Planning Part 2

So i was thinking about what i content i should include in my double page spread and looking the focus group research i figure I should go with the interview and then have the groups top '13' (hench halloween) songs.

The sort of questions I was thinking of asking were along the following below:
" you have just released Dark Hallows which has reached number one this week, how are you feeling about this? "
  • up coming tours
  • what they do for Halloween
  • what they think of ghosts
  • boyfriends
  • celebrity crushes
  • clash they have with another group
  • truth about their reletionship
  • questions about fans
  • who inspired them.
Top 13 songs such as :

  • Thiller Micheal Jackson
  • Beautiful Monster
  • Highway to Hell ACDC
  • I put a spell on you Nina Simone
  • Sweet Dreams Eurythmics
  • Fun House Pink
  • Supersition 

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