Monday, 5 November 2012

Costume and Front Cover

Referring back to the focus group findings they recommended that the Front cover image should be a long shot including the dress to attract the audiences eye. Looking at the research front covers I wanted to take the approach of how Lana Del Rey is represented :

I like the contrast of the innocent princess, fairy tale and rebellious, dangerous etc. which would be portraying  the different  genres (Pop and Indie) in the magazine. So for the models outfit on the front cover I was thinking a white with hints of black to express the contrast and give an edgy feel.

So I researched into singers, skull and white/black dresses and found the following images to inspire the outfit for my front cover:

I want a flowly short white dress with black lace to show the contrast and express the message . I was thinking like the image above of Katy Perry.
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