Saturday, 3 November 2012

Casting and Models


Where: Front Cover
 Model Name: Lilee Rose Rey
 Reason: The reason I chose aishah to be the model on the front
 cover is because she has done a wee bit of modelling in the past and also is very reliable and has the Pop pretty look so suits the genre.


Where: Double Page Spread
Model Name: Keeva
Reason: Alice is a reliable person and is very pretty so therefore would suit the genre. She smiley and happy which will be expressed in the photos.


Where: Double Page Spread
Model Name: Aria
Reason: Emma's personal music taste is Indie, so therefore has the look and understands the indie music industry. She again is very reliable and i can trust her not to let me down.


Where: Double Page Spread
Model Name: Ella
Reason: Paige is the 'Pop princess' and loves artist like Katy Perry, Lady GaGa etc. so therefore would be helpful with understanding the pop music convention to further my knowlegde from research. She has a very bold and virbrant personality which will be expressed through the shots .


Where: Contents Page
Model Name: Tyler Edwards
Reason: Has had  previous experience in modelling therefore would be suitable, also he has the image of an music artist, again is reliable and available.


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