Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Course work: Thought Bubble

After the meeting we arranged another on today to sort out times which suit everyone and then I create a schedule.

Now my research and planning is done I need to make sure that the next few weeks I have full dedication and organized so then it's successful. I want to do well so I need to meet deadlines and follow the time management.

I've concluded that my magazine will be a Halloween special, following the indie/pop/rock genre.

My Front cover will include Aishah as a skull candy wearing a white black. Also surrounded in only just text to have a professional look and also follows the trend of the other music magazine from my research.

Contents will include Khalid inspired by lady Gaga skull makeup, surrounded in text which is simple like the ones in my research.

Double Page Spread will include models Paige, Emma, Alice as a girl band, wearing dresses and holding Halloween props . The text will consist of an interview and their top 13 Halloween songs.


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