Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Magazine ideas: Audience Profile

I would define my reader as:

  • Female
  • Falls in the  aged 16-19 (Teens)
  • You're Into Fashion
  • You would fall into one of the following categorises for Social Values :  Hedonists, post-materialists or post-modernists all following the general idea of  play and enjoy life.
  • Comparing the Jicnars scale you would either be classed as B or C1
  • Your an achiever or an aspirer.
  • Your favourite movie would be a romcom/ chick Flicks or sometimes a horror.
  • You listen to a range of music
  • You listen to music that your hear and like rather that following music artist.
  • On the weekend you would rather have a girls night in/out depending on your mood
  •  You like to get up to things and experience new things
  • You're more of a 'go for it girl' rather than sitting back and not trying
  • Your appearance is very important to you and you try and make an effort

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