Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Analysing Q : The Music Magazine

   The denotation on this front cover is a brunette female against a black background with red lips with her tip of her tongue against her silver ring.
    The colour scheme, red black and white gives the reader connotations of danger, darkness alone rebellious, rock, Gothic, love, hurt, innocent and evil.
    The symbols used, in this case text ‘ Cheryl Cole rocks’ this play on word represents the magazine cover is promoting the genre of music is rock. This limits the connotations (anchorage)  to more ;  danger, darkness ,demanding, mournful, bored, depressed, prideful,evil and hurt as these are the normally words associated with ‘rock’ music.
   This cover has the typical conventions that a magazine producers uses;Mast lines, cover lines, The promoting image placed in the centre, set colours schemes, advertisements and similar types of stories published on the cover. This one of the ways the audience recongise it's a magazine.         

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