Thursday, 27 September 2012

Magazine Analysis:Teen Vogue


Looking at the first Teen Vogue:
Denotation: a blonde haired girl wearing a hat and a brown t-shirt. The location of photo looks to be outside near greens/trees. The icon of the girl is surrounded in symbols in this case text.
Connotation: The icon of the girl looks happy, stylish, independent, young, fresh, classy, fashionable.
Anchorage: the text such as 'style' and ' tomboy mix' all refers to fashion and style which limits the audience connotations to word related to fashion and clothing.
Second Teen Vogue Cover:
Denotation: Brown haired young male wearing a grey jacket and a white top, posing holding a striped scarf. The icon of the male again is surrounded in symbols (text).
Connotations: confident, boy next door polish, gentleman, smooth, attractive, stylish, likeable, independent, innocent, fun.
Anchorage: Again the magazine producers have used the word 'Style' and have used the phrase ' to cool for school' which restricts the readers connotations to stylish, independent, smooth, attractive confident with a hint of arrogance.

Comparing Teen Vogue: 

Both magazine covers have simple cover scheme keeping it clean and not looking overloaded to the reader. However the first magazine cover colour scheme includes majority pastel colours with the vibrant red which represents the Autumn months ( when the magazine was published). In contrast the second magazine cover compromises mostly of vibrant and bold colours, fuchsia yellows and reds.
The producers have taken a different approach with each magazine cover. With the first magazine they have gone with the female icon and the idea that the audience desire to be like her/ be her. However in the second magazine cover they have decided to go with the idea of the desired male that the audience wants/lust and this ties in with the brighter and vibrant colour scheme as it more of the typical girly colours and gives connotations of the giddy females behavior.
Looking at the mast line and comparing it to Vogue magazine the editors have decided to keep the signature serif font in the Teen Vogue magazine, acknowledging the magazine is still up market and class still remains.


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