Thursday, 13 December 2012

Question 6:What have you learnt about technologies from the process og constructing this prouct

Camera- I have my own DSLR camera so it had  of knowledge prior to the coursework. I experimented with the shutter speed so then more light  could come into the camera creating a brighter image, also change it to portrait  rather than automatic to give a shallow of depth. Took the flash of an use professional lights an natural light for my final images.

Paint- i had a lot of knowledge of and it was easy use. Compared to Photoshop which is very complex software an hard to get your head around it which i struggle with in some aspects  I therefore create my little stamps for my double page spread on paint.

Photoshop- I had little knowledge and experience of Photoshop before this task. I learnt how to manipulate an image cropping rotating , enlarging etc I also found out how to improve the image through brightness, contrast, spot fixer, airbrushing, increasing certain colours etc. I also now know how to a different text on top of the image an that the fact photo shop is all about layers.

 for example here is something I  have also  learnt: the magnetic feathering tool to create a soften blur around the edges

I also learnt how to fade layers on top of the original image which is shown here:

In design- This was new software to me so everything was a learning process. I learnt how to get change the guidelines an margins as well how to change the text size and ...... I learnt that there is a different text and object/image boxes. I also learnt that the black an white arrows have different uses. learnt what the different tools were and also how to create magazines, magazine layout and how they are are in columns etc.

Blogger- The blogger was new to me as I never use it before so everything was a learning experience. I learnt how to create posts an how to update them. I also learnt how to embed things on top my blog such as prezi's an slide share. it also helped me keep my planning an research organise as I could post regularly.

You tube- I use you tube throughout my research an planning as I wanted to see how some music videos represent the genres an the artist. I also use it to see if Halloween was an influenced in any music videos an how i they express this. I print screened some of the videos an pasting them onto my blog so I could refer back to them For example:

Over all i felt that all new technologies and software were all useful in certain points of production an were useful resulting a successful final piece.

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